Tahuna & Hiwiroa Shorthorns

Breeding Program

We believe it is our job to test the animals to ensure they excell in the comercial setting we intend to sell bulls into. This begins by breeding our heifers for 2 cycles with the expectation they will calve unassisted get back in calf quickly and continue to do so while remaining in the herd.  They are farmed along side our sheep flock and will put on fat in the spring to be used through the tougher periods.

Our focus has been breeding cattle that excel in the economic traits for the commercial farmer. Live calves on the ground though fertility and calving ease, adequate growth to hit targeted markets but maintaining a moderate cow size to improve efficiency and lastly superior carcass qualities. Higher carcass weights, bigger EMAs with good fat cover and IMF result in high yielding easy doing cattle capable of meeting premium market specifications.

Performance recording is an important tool in achieving these goals with as many traits as possible recorded on bulls and retained females. This builds a bank of data to improve the accuracy of EBVs produced. Only through accurate data are you able to breed for and move your herd in the desired direction.

“We aim to be mating structurally sound, volume cows that raise a good calf each year with well muscled easy doing bulls that have balanced EBV figures¬† and great temperaments”